Pam + Piete

02 - 12 - 17

Thank you to every one for such a wonderful day! We both had a lovely time catching up with you all, playing games and of course, eating all the food!

While we've not got the "official" photos back yet, please do feel free to relive the event via the magic of the internet and our photo gallery.

If what you really want is some more cheesecake (who doesn't!), then take a look through the cheesecake recipes Stewart used and has been gracious enough to share with everyone.

Special thanks to Vicky for the paper flowers, to Stewart for the cheesecake, and to all of you for joining us: to have your love and support meant a lot to us both.

- Pieter & Pamela Sartain

Pam + Piete

02 - 12 - 17

You are invited to Pam and Piete's wedding on 2nd December 2017 (so, yes, pretty soon), with the ceremony at 4pm, at Edes House in Chichester.

Questions, answers & other stuff

We've had some questions, and got some answers!

Does the venue have baby changing facilities?

Yes! In both the mens and ladies toilets.

When is the parking available from?

The spaces are available on Saturday 2nd December from 0800 and the cars must be gone by 0700 on Monday 4th December.

Any other venue information?

A few bits ...

On the day

The entire wedding is based around eating and talking (two of our favourite things), so please bring your appetite and your wit!

There is parking at Edes House, which we will reserve for you, which will be yours all day Saturday until Monday morning. The house address is: 27 West St, Chichester PO19 1RW.

There's going to be a Christmas market on in Chichester that day as well, in case anyone is there early and needs occupying.

The food and drink menu is available here if you'd like to see what's on offer. The cheesecakes will be a surprise, but we have plenty of choices for everyone (including vegetarian!).

Dressing up and down

Pam has a lovely new 50s-style dress, and Piete is planning on making some more use of his fanciest suit, but we don't mind what you wear so long as you're comfortable.

Dress up (or down!) as much as you want (we understand muslin is in this season), but we are both going to have a bit of red in our outfits to get into the Christmas spirit, and we'd be more than happy if you'd like to join us!

Presence not presents

We have invited you for your presence, not your presents. You've taken the time out to come and see us, and we want to make sure you enjoy yourselves. Everything is free and open, you only need to turn up!

There is no gift list, because genuinely we feel we have got enough stuff already! If you feel you haven't spent enough, please put the money toward a donation to a charity of your choice (or Great Ormond's Street Hospital Charity if you have no preference).

Lots of tiny people

Turns out that a lot of our friends & family have children of one age or another, so bring them with you! Just make sure you take the correct child home afterwards ...

Don't want to bring your child? That's fine too. Do whatever you're most comfortable with.

Making memories

Lots of tiny humans also gives us an excuse to indulge in another of our favourite things: board games! We've got some old classics and some newer pieces, but nothing too complicated or X-rated.

We hope everyone can find something to enjoy, but if gaming isn't your thing, that's fine too! Enjoy the open bar and relax to whatever Piete's put on the music playlist.

Oh, and there's going to be a photographer there to catch everything, so we'll be on the lookout for photos of each and every one of you!

Staying over

The closest place to Edes House is a Travelodge within 3 minutes walk. We're obviously heading home after the event, but we're happy to investigate alternative options for you (we'll be checking TripAdvisor!) if you let us know.

The day after

We really have no plans for the day after except sleeping in, so if you've already made the trip and want to stop by and see us, please do! Our home will be open from 11am on Sunday 3rd December, and you're all invited to come visit. We'll have some more food (quorn chilli and bits) and possibly some spare cheesecake!

What to do next!

What do you need to do next? Between now and the end of September, please let us know ... If you have any questions (any at all!), let us know, otherwise, see you there!

Pam + Piete

02 - 12 - 17