March 19, 2019

Lessons in keeping music software up to date - part 2

Two days ago I realised things were a bit wafty with my DAW setup, but now it’s time to do a proper cleanup, because upgrading to Reaper 5 64-bit has shown: My plugin stack is running 32 bit, but some plugins are starting to creep into the 64 bit territory. Half my plugins won’t run under 64 bit without upgrading them. Revalver is annoying the hell out of me and really just plain broken IK Multimedia just doesn’t quite work on the interface side of things anymore anyway. ... Read more

March 17, 2019

Lessons in keeping music software up to date

Back in 2015, when I wasn’t working I was trying to make music. I spent a lot of time and some money to assemble a set of tools to support my creativity. It was a careful blend of the physical space, the recording and instrumental software and the hardware (both instruments and computer), and it worked great. Life happened, however, and my setup was moved, reassembled and largely left behind while I upgraded my OS. ... Read more

April 20, 2015

Recording software stack

I was worrying today about the costs of my recording hobby, having assembled a collection of VSTs and recording software. Once I put the numbers down, however, it actually doesn’t look too bad. Since I’ve also been asked a couple of times what I use, and figured it was about time to link it all up in one place. My current software stack looks like this: Reaper v3 DAW for tracking (20110521 - £25) Addictive Drums 2 with Black Velvet kit for V-Drum noises (20121224 AD1 - £100, 20140629 AD2 upgrade - £80) Peavey Revalver HP for the amp selection and pedal effects stacks (20140515 - £7. ... Read more

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