March 6, 2009

Add on domains

The difference between addon domains and domain parking is important. Which is why I first titled this post “parking”, ‘cause I got ‘em confused. You will, however, have to go elsewhere for a different sort of parking.

An addon domain is a cheeky way to host multiple websites without the hassle of multiple hosting fees, or worse, a dedicated server.

Because I totally forgot how to set these up, these are specific instructions when you have a hosting plan with lunarpages and one or more domain names with namesco.

On Lunarpages (using cPanel): 1. Go to “Addon domains” 2. New domain name (minus the www) 3. New subdirectory (ensure this doesn’t conflict with any directories in the root) 4. Password (for FTP)

This will create a subdirectory of $SUB, a subdomain of $, an ftp account of $ and a password of $PASS.

On namesco:

  1. Set the primary & secondary nameservers to ns6 and
  2. Update the records to read:

    .$domain – A record – (shared IP) www.$domain – CNAME – $domain

That should be it. Using the lunarpages nameservers, the addon domain is pointed to the subdomain, and no one is ever the wiser.

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