September 15, 2008

Curiousity Kills

I’ve just pulled the title of this post off a song by Trapt. Since I’ve started this sort of blog, I’ve kept brand names out of the posts, I’ve kept links out. I’m not endorsing anything or leaving adverts on the page. Any companies I deal with have their names removed. Generally I feel good about that. I feel doubly vindicated, because having just wandered over to to check out suggestions on improving my inbox situation, I discovered he’s recently taken a moment to think about what he’s trying to provide, and then told everyone else.

You can read it for yourself here.

The job hunt marches on. Friday’s interview included a C test, heavily slanted toward pointers and reading code (unsuprisingly). I’d expect an offer out of that, and coupled with an offer from my current employer, that’ll set me up with 3. Then it’s a case of looking at them and …

So that was the phone call with the offer. That’s 23. I suspect any offers from my current employer to be made in good faith, without a formal process, but even so, not moving house is a very strong motivator.

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