September 10, 2008

Now under offer!

Another Monday morning, I’m still dozing in about 9am fully intending to get up any minute now, and a surprise phone call.

My London interview came up trumps! Not only do this company want to waive the second interview they usually request, but they would like to make me an offer! I should expect to hear from them (or more accurately the agent responsible for this particular vacancy) within the week.

Depending on the offer of course depends on if I take it. At £3,860 per year for the train journey (not including any associated costs of getting to the train station!) some real thought will have to go into it.

In other news, I spend a lot of time lurking on (my apologies to those friends who have zero interest in Linux!) and a lot of that time is spent reading - and occasionally commenting on - install woes or compilation errors. Ever so occasionally a topic evolves or appears that’s a bit more theoretical and warrants a lot of interesting discussion. To save typing up the most recent of these, here’s a direct link to the thread.

One more interview tomorrow, then I can rest a while.

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