August 31, 2008

The long road

Still no word about the job referenced recently. Since life has been busy I’ve felt little need to keep this up to date. I have another interview on September 11th. A lot further away this time but that’s something to deal with when I get there.

I’m concerned about the coding test (all 45 minutes of it) since I don’t have a CS degree I’m worried that my self taught approach of solving (programming) problems isn’t sufficient to set me on the career path I’d like, I’m quietly hoping that everything else will make up for that and my experience will show where a fresh graduate might not comprehend.

I’m also concerned about potential employers actually starting to read this. I started musing on the idea a few months ago and it was my father who suggested that I might want to make some of this private and consider this more a marketing tool since some of what’s up here could be construed as “a bit too far out there”, in his own words. My counter argument is that I have no wish to censor myself. The company will be getting all of me, not just a convenient portion of me.

Back on the other side of the fence, could this jeopardise a potential job opening precisely because of how I don’t wish to censor myself? I have next to zero readership, and I’m careful never to use names, and yet …

I’ve a suspicion some will be googling me fairly soon, so please do let me know.

[Note from 2016-04-13: This post was tidied up recently for exactly the censorship reason above. It’s interesting how I’ve come around to my father’s way of thinking regarding marketing.]

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