July 12, 2020

Upgrading video calls

I’ve already written about routing audio from different sources into video confs, and waxed a little lyrical about my history, and the present, of remote music collaboration. A recent generous offer to join in with a remote roleplay game (City of Mist) being run by a friend gave me just the excuse I was looking for to experiment with streaming technology for video conferences. My hypothesis is that there’s a lot of benefit to be had by being at least familiar with the streaming tools that are now basically plug and play. ... Read more

June 25, 2020

Making music remotely

With the need for social distancing, the internet is full of remote shows. Take That got in on the action, as did Dua Lipa on James Corden, and countless others. Prompted by the questions of “how do they do that?” and “what are my options?” I wanted to dig into the state of the nation regarding remote collaboration tools, especially with regards to music. As it happened, my good friend Richard was also interested in poking around remote recording. ... Read more

May 16, 2020

Audio routing in OSX

Once upon a time I used to collaborate online and make a lot of music. As I write this, the UK is in the 10th week or so of lockdown (although it’s now “stay alert”) and I find myself with a little more free time on my hands for things like music, but without a workflow to make the collaboration happen! In the olden days, I had a shared Dropbox folder that handled the synchronisation of files between me and my collaborators. ... Read more

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